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move forward

when we live in the past, we limit our future.

we restrict the growth of lives by focusing on moments that are no longer here.

the longer we stay rooted in past experiences, the more likely we are to deny the present moment. with the future being neglected entirely.

if you allow damaging trails of energy to flow into the current moment… you will drown yourself, which is not necessary.

so what is necessary?

to move forward.

to continue despite the thoughts and memories that pain you.

to understand that at any point, you can better yourself.

to realize that the past does not control your future.

you are the sole controller of your future, the creator of your life.

do not allow yourself (nor others) to convince you otherwise.

likely there will be days in the future when you find yourself revisiting past experiences, wishing you could rewind the pace to create a greater flow - it's only natural.

but before you continue, you must remind yourself that the past is now gone, and what matters most is how you move forward.

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