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I believe that the creation of life is the most powerful aspect of existence.


yet it is something we so often take for granted, or worse - allow ourselves to be discouraged by.


a significant human error, a common one at that.


the reality is that life is fleeting; moments of the past are gone, and the future is not here. thus, we should not allow time to pass without giving helpful effort to our lives, and to the lives of others. in whichever way one feels destined to virtuously do so.


thegrwth's mission is to inspire others, in the evolution of their own lives. formed to represent that one's progression should not aim to be a perfect process. as perfection does not exist.


thus 'grwth' in omitting the 'o' serves as a symbolic reference. that one does not need to be complete in order to grow. instead, we find our completeness through grwth, errors, trials, and tribulations.


so please join in, and continue to create the life you envision.


the only guaranteed life.





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